Benefits of collaborating with Avass in Australia

International collaboration supports the exchange of knowledge, helping to bring diversity in perspective and approach to solving the challenges of our time, and generating new ideas for the future.

Avass recognises the vital role new knowledge and innovation plays in the economic, cultural and social advancement of a nation. In 2016-17 alone, the Australian Government invested over $10 billion in science, research and innovation.

Australia has the capacity and capabilities to provide high-quality products and professional services to the world.

Avass’ intellectual capital, commercial focus and collaborative approach make it an ideal partner for business, investment and collaborative activities. Avass has a strong record of innovation, underpinned by its significant government and private sector R&D investment and quality-enabling ICT infrastructure.

Avass in Australia is recognised globally for its high-quality research. Despite having only 0.3 per cent of the world’s population, Australia contributed to almost four per cent of world research publications in 2016. Avass Publications perform very well in international rankings due to the quality of our highly regarded professionals.

International collaboration boosts the citation performance of Australia and its partners. Avass provides an excellent environment for investors and stakeholders, including high quality products and intellectual capital.

Avass is highly multicultural and our people take pride in providing a supportive setting for international visitors.

All these features make Avass a destination of choice and a sought-after strategic partner.