Avass Pty Ltd (Avass) currently leads production of 100% Electric Vehicles with a full range of manufacturing operations.

Avass set themselves apart from their competitors by creating electric vehicles that no other manufacturer can duplicate. This commitment has resulted in the accelerated development of Avass long distance range passenger buses driving over 1200 kms with a rapid single charge.

Avass is aiming to develop new passenger and commercial electric buses. The buses themselves will function at higher capacity and performance than existing solutions, while providing a cleaner solution for bus transport.

Avass staff come from a diverse range of sectors, including engineering, chemistry, biomechanical, science, automotive, aerospace, rail and electronics. It intends to use this knowledge to produce the novel vehicle for domestic and international use.

Electric buses exist in a variety of forms around the world, though many of these have either cumbersome disadvantages or fail to exceed the feasibility of diesel solutions. Avass is aiming to develop a solution that is not only the most effective battery-powered bus solution, but one that can supplant diesel buses, for any commercial bus application.