Avass is recognised as a Complete EV Transport Mobility Manufacturer & Solution Provider.

We design, build, manufacture and deploy Electric Vehicles on the road for mass commercial use in Asia-Pacific and internationally.

By providing premium Electric Vehicle manufacturing services and EV products, our pioneering strategy ensures that we deploy solutions addressing the challenges faced by our target markets and previously highlighted.

At all times, when consumers are demanding more from their transport service providers for sustainable mobility, we work with stakeholders to meet these requirements. Moreover, we have created a remarkably improved passenger experience with considerably reduced vibration and noise, more commonly associated with combustion engines. We are shaping the future through EV technology expertise fused with first-to-market solutions.

With world class manufacturing capabilities and facilities in Australia, we have a winning value proposition for sustainable mass EV transportation solutions and manufacturing to transform our transport systems.

We are committed to sustainable transport for all. We continuously innovate and endeavor to help our customers reduce the environmental impact of its vehicles and business activities in the most cost effective way. By providing a wide range of unique products and services based on individual business requirements, we are committed to zero pollution
motoring for more breathable air and cost-effective EV transportation.

Our Products include power drive systems, motors, controllers, full electric power steering systems, inverters, battery management systems, lithium batteries, DC and AC systems to suit following applications.