Innovation for Avass is a refreshing new inspiration to consistently introduce technology improvements.

Our combination of research and field experience in comprehensive test and evaluation brings together products and processes to improve productivity and lifestyles.

We at Avass look beyond competitor innovations and adapt breakthrough technology systems providing significant advantages.

Our innovations are directed to commercialised sectors with resourcing and management to generate profitable returns.

Our strengths are in our people. Avass professionals are from diverse sectors of Engineering, Chemistry, Biomechanical, Science, Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and Electronics. Our dedicated team’s potential has made a mark in developing numerous world first innovations introduced to the marketplace.

Our teams work in unison throughout various locations around the globe creating and developing new ideas and client requests.

Avass collaborates with clients in all business sectors to develop Innovation as a full cycle process enabling organisations to transform ideas into business models and increasing capabilities.

Avass delivers “something new” in products and services, business processes, product/service delivery, business designs, or new styles of management.

Allen Saylav
Chairman Avass Pty Ltd

"It is difficult to stand out with a growing number of competitors in an industry which is accelerating with each new technology wave.
For Avass we aim to study our product’s users experience and win the minds of customers. The information we receive helps overcome actual and assumed deficiencies.
Avass products vary with appearance and perception as well as quality. What is important is the usability not so much concentrated on visual appearance, but consistency. Avass ensures that distinct functionality is presented in a way that reflects the differences. Our designs are developed for the simplest usability and functionality rather than what it may look and feel like. Our products are designed for reliability and focused on customer demand. The customer demand is varied by operational factors. For Government applications, minimal emissions, new energy technology is an important aspect. For Private Fleet Operators, cost savings in maintenance, running costs, durability, end user comfort and versatility are important aspects. For Distributors, network availability, convenience, support, logistical programs, effective expertise support, product options and more are important aspects".